Wise Owls Care Club Ltd
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Survival Day

This is a fantastic day and was asked for again recently through our questionnaire! 


  • Build shelters using the trees and a poncho
  • Games to promote team work and communication between all ages
  • ID cards
  • The children get to camouflage their faces using face paint
  • Build miniature shelters using the debris on the ground
  • Build a safe camp fire
  • Roast marshmallows to have with their hot chocolate
  • Have ago at the leapard crawl under a camouflage net and collect balloons along the way
  • Command tasks using all types of materials, ropes, balls and blindfolds and much more
  • Using a map and compass through bingo

Please ensure your children have a change of clothes for this activity and they have warm outdoor clothing.

Shack Day

Our Shack Days always go down well with the children, as there is something for everyone.  We always theme this day to suit the season we are in and the children get to visit stands of their choice. 


  • Hair Styling
  • Face Painting
  • Tattoos
  • Prize Draws
  • Nail Painting
  • Caricatures



Cinema Day!

Cinema Day is not just watching a movie!


  • Creating a bright and functional ticket box through craft to use before the movie.
  • Create tickets at our wonderful and well used craft table.
  • 3D Glasses made through craft to watch the movie.
  • Build a cinema tuck shop using the club chairs and tables.  The children will then run the shop with a till and play money, acting out the shop keeper and the customer.  Popcorn, snacks and drinks will be available to buy with our pretend money.

Arts and Crafts!

There are no limits to what we do on our Arts and Crafts days! 


  • Free materials, like boxes and junk modelling that have been donated by our fabulous parents.
  • Bought in materials
  • Showcasing our creations through music, parades and healthy competitions.
  • Craft for days such as Christmas are great as presents for friends and families to have for memories.
  • Decorative crafts to brighten up our setting windows and to showcase the childrens creations.  This is a great idea as it enables parents to view what the children are getting up to when visiting the hall for a coffee after Mass or any events.


Construction Day!

Our Construction Day was a real treat for the children.  Supervised risk is so important for children and using real tools is exciting and educational.


  • Understanding Health and Safety by using hard hats, aprons and goggles.
  • Learning about boundaries.
  • Using different tools, understanding what they can do and getting used to the weight of real tools.
  • Using Maths to measure.
  • Using our communication skills through signs and speech.
  • Using our listening skills.
  • Building on confidence

Team Spirit Day!

This is an amazing day where we can bring all our children of all ages together.  Team work is paramount in all that we do in life!


  • Fun team quizzes that all age groups can be involved in.  These are planned with pictures, role play or questions.
  • Crazy games with food, balloons, water and buckets.
  • Craft activities in teams to create animals with paper, glue and card.
  • Jelly cube games to create letters and names against time.
  • Straw games
  • Outside scavenger hunts in teams.  Who will bring home the most food!
  • Tasks involving apple bobbing and custard pies.

Bake Off!

Our Bake Off days are exciting and exstremely messy, we enjoy playing team games with food and making bakers hats to look the part. 


Please make sure your children wear clothes you don't mind them getting messy in.

Pamper Day!

Our Pamper Day is a fabulous day for boys and girls.  This day went down a storm, the feedback was immence from both parents and children.

  • Come to Wise Owls in your pyjamas/dressing gown and bring a towel
  • Role play pretending we are having a Spa Day with blankets and cushions
  • Face masks made from fresh cucumber
  • Eye masks made at our very own craft table 
  • The children get to have their nails painted in a relaxing environment
  • Foot spa
  • Hair styling
  • Fruit Kebabs to promote healthy eating

All Registration/Medical is checked to ensure no child is allergic to cucumber or any other products we use.